is a tech & entertainment company based in Berlin

We do cutting-edge engineering and also produce amazing music events & concerts

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What we do

In software engineering, we support companies of all sizes implement amazing software in programming languages such as PHP & Java. We build software ranging from high traffic ecommerce platforms to apps for mobile devices. If need be, we employ frameworks like Zendframework and Symphony or systems like Magento and Woocommerce.
We have more than 10 years experience in professional software development and work with an expert team that has developed software for huge corporations such as Deutsche Telekom, Home 24 (Rocket Internet) & Amadeus GmbH and smaller companies like DieCrema GbR.

In the entertainment sector we produce concerts, partys and business events. We have been staging events in the cities of Cologne and Berlin, Germany since 2012. A history of some of the open events can be found on our Facebook page for public events.

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We support startups and larger companies develop great software, especially ecommerce plattforms and apps in languages like PHP and Java.
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A Money Transfer Platform is an idea we are developing into a project. Get in touch if you are an investor, engineer or want to play another role in the project.


This is a list of our upcoming events public events ...

14/01/2017 - Bolingo feat. Buruntuma
Afrobeats clubbing and streetfood
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11/02/2017 - Bolingo NRW Edition
Afrobeats clubbing and streetfood
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